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Studio Associato dei dottori commercialisti Rigobon Bitetti De Luca

  • The Professional Association Rigobon Bitetti De Luca (RBD) was incorporated on 23th Dec. 1998.
  • RBD is an Association of Chartered Pubblic Accountants and Legal Auditors.
  • Besides the three partners there are professional colleagues (mainly CPA and Legal Auditors) and staff; also, four lawyers work inside with their collaborators.




Reanda Italy China Desk was established at the end of 2017. Its main function is to provide high-quality Finance and Taxation consulting services to public and private Chinese-funded institutions, companies and individuals located in Italy, as well as who come from China to invest in Italy, to assist their entrepreneurial development in Italy and to help them to resolve the various problems during investing and starting their businesses in Italy.