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Reanda MC International CPA Partners is a subsidiary company set up in 2008 by the MIRAI Group, a top-tier consulting and accounting group formed in 1987 which is now ranked No. 11 in Japan in accordance with the 2019 Japan Survey conducted by International Accounting Bulletin, VRL‘s leading publication for the global accounting industry. Back in 2000, the MIRAI Group was a 100% subsidiary of "Chuo Aoyama PwC Auditing Corporation" (which subsequently changed name to "Misuzu Auditing Corporation") and was known as "Chuo Aoyama PwC Consulting, Inc.". In 2007, Mr Kubo and his fellow partners acquired 100% shares of "Chuo Aoyama PwC Consulting, Inc." and changed to its present name known as "MIRAI Consulting, Inc.".

To satisfy various demand and needs of corporate clients in Japan and overseas countries, Reanda MC International CPA Partners and the MIRAI Group provide professional services in variety of areas such as accounting, auditing, tax advisory, operational auditing, financial due diligence, internal auditing, internal control review, initial public offering consultancy, corporate restructuring, international accounting services in different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc), and Japan investment advisory, etc. We are committed to cooperate with overseas professional partners to provide quality services to our clients in Japan and overseas countries to assist them to achieve their business objectives.